Lezli Morgan Art and Design


The following illustrations were for limited edition coffees at Raven's Brew Coffee.

Blueberry Revolution

Blueberry Revolution
This image is for a naturally processed coffee from Burundi (with a blueberry flavor profile). Digital drawing and color.

Vivid Velvetâ„¢

Vivid Velvet Limited Edition Coffee
This image was for a coffee from Kenya. The image is a composite of 3 photos with drawings of ravens (the image of the woman is a stock photo).

Cup of Paradise

Bird of Paradise
Bird of paradise illustration for a coffee from New Guinea: ink drawing with digital color.

Cora Coffee

Flower illustration
For this coffee from Mexico, I used a flower illustration reminiscent of the style used by the Cora people for decorating their woven carrying bags: ink drawing with digital color.

Neek Tay

Mayan Jaguar
Jaguar in the Mayan style for a guest coffee from Guatemala: ink drawing with digital color.

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